How to understand HTML lists

How to understand HTML lists

Lists may be represented with HTML tags in three different ways. You may wish to create them as body content for a page. The tags are an asset in formatting text data visually in list format. They of course can be extended upon using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) formatting.

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The first set of HTML list tags are unordered lists. These are denoted by tags.
Within these tags, you can have list items:

<li>Item information</li>
<li>More item information</li>

Unordered lists are lists where each list item is bulleted.

The second set of HTML list tags are ordered lists. These are numbered lists:

<li>First numbered list item</li>
<li>Another list item</li>

The third set are description lists. These are a list of items with descriptions for each. The descriptions follow the items on the next line, indented. They are written as:

<dt>Item 1</dt>
<dd>Item 1's description</dd>
<dt>Another item</dt>
<dd>The description for the preceding item</dd>