How to Map a Drive Over a Network

How to Map a Drive Over a Network


This example shows you how to map a drive using the Windows or Linux CLI.


Access to Windows CLI or Linux CLI


Windows Explorer

Right click on My Computer / Select Map Network Drive. Select the drive you would like to map from. In the folder field, you can enter the address manually (format: \\address), click from the drop down box to select the address or browse to select the folder. If you would like to access drives you cannot browse to, or “hidden shares”, append a $ to the end of the drive letter (such as c$). This notation for a drive letter can be included in the address. Once the folder is selected click finished.

Windows CLI

net use [drive letter:] \\[ip address]\[drive letter]$ /User:[ Windows User Name] [Password]


net use h: \\10.128.4\c$ /USER:Administrator lab123^

Linux CLI

To mount a filesystem using CIFS (common on Windows), use:

mount –t cifs //[address]/[folder] /[directoryTomountTo] –o[ user=name ]


mount –t cifs // /mnt -o[Administrator]

A password prompt will follow.

More Information:


net use /?


man mount