How to Install Snow leopard MAC OSX inside of Windows (Intel based) using VMware Workstation 9

How to Install Snow leopard MAC OSX inside of Windows (Intel based) using VMware Workstation 9


Installing Macintosh on a Windows computer can be achieved by creating a Macintosh virtual machine (VM) on a Windows system.


VMware Workstation 9, MAC OSX Snow Leopard disk or iso, VMware OSX unlocker file:, Intel I-series or Xeon processor


Install VMware workstation 9 then run install.cmd as an administrator.
Once completed open VMware and click Create New Virtual Machine

Click Next and pick installer disc image and attach the iso file as shown below.

Ignore the error message and click Next then choose the following settings and click Next.

Choose a name and location and click Next. On the next screen choose a hard drive size and click Next.
On the final screen click finish. The installation of OSX is ready to begin so start up the machine.
Since English is already chosen click on the arrow button.

Click Continue on the next screen and accept the License Agreement.
Now you need to choose a disk where Snow Leopard will be installed on. Most likely nothing will be displayed so a disk will have to be created.

To create a disk click on Utilities > Disk Utility from the top menu.

Click on the hard drive and click on Partition then choose 1 partition and enter a name for the drive.

Click Apply and in the dialog box click Partition. Exit the disk partition window and click on Install.


Once on the Welcome window click Continue.

Click Continue

Click Continue

Continue through the next two screens. Any dialog box that displays click Continue.
Enter a full name and account name and fill in other fields if desired.

Enter a city for your time zone and click Continue then on the next screen click Done.

Congrats your finished!!

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