How to install MySQL

How to install MySQL


Using MySQL Server, databases can be created and the data can be encrypted.


.NET Framework 4.0


Let us start locating the download:

Navigate to the following URL: ”

Click – “MySQL Community Server (GPL)”

Locate the image with the title “MySQL Installer … for Windows”

Click on the image

Scroll down to the section labelled MySQL Installer …

Locate the download called “Windows (x86, 32-bit), MSI Installer”

Click the download button to the right

Click – “No thanks, just start my download.” – Save the File

Run the file you just downloaded – Accept any prompts

If you receive a .NET Framework error message, please Google it and install it.

Notice the MySQL Installer Welcome pop-up Installation interface:

On the MySQL Installer Welcome pop-up, click “Install MySQL Products”

Accept default options when defaults are preferred.

If execute failed, press back and try again.

Continue installation until Configuration, if it freezes, try again

password ty67 or what you would like, continue onward with defaults